Thursday, March 20, 2014

Congrats To This Year's BYU Men's Basketball Team...


For those who know me they know I'm not a big fan of any BYU sports programs, but I've got to give props to this year's BYU men's basketball team. They played their last game of the season today and they fell to 87-68 to the Oregon Ducks in the NCAA Tournament, the only team from the Beehive state to earn a bid to the big dance and not win their conference championship.

The Y had a huge challenge today. Except for some cougar faithful, not sure many had them advancing past a very good Pac-12 team. Had BYU their big man, Kyle Collingsworth (who tore up his knee last week against Gonzaga...) the game could have gone either way. Having Collingsworth would have changed everything.


And, there's no shame in losing to a better team.

I haven't watched a lot of college basketball this season but when I've watched BYU I saw a team that never quit, a team headed by a quality coach and a good man. As a fan, you shouldn't ask for more than than. If you get that from a program, that's a good thing and wins are gravy.

They did good. This team may not change me into a BYU fan, but I respect them. I mean, I'm still glad the Utes beat them...


For a Utah man am I!

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