Friday, March 21, 2014

So, What's A 1970 VW Camper Van Worth...?

Remember when those old VW camper vans traveled the same roads as normal cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles? Those were the days. I saw one for sale today and I had to stop and snap a few pictures. Every year they're becoming more rare.


The thing was from Oregon (or, at least, it had Oregon plates...) and authentic Grateful Dead stickers--those were a nice touch. 

 Even though the outside was trashed, the seats inside were in surprisingly good shape. Maybe no one dared get close to the thing based on how it looked on the outside. The side door didn't open. The passenger side door wouldn't close. There were several dead bees in the window wells and all the wiring that could and should be found out of sight hung freely under the dash--some wires touched the floor.

 But even with all its problems and its seriously dangerous lack of safety features (in a front-end crash, the driver's legs are officially considered crumple zones...), with all the rust and non-closing/non-opening doors, I still looked at, and allowed my mind to imagine actually buying it, fixing it up, and driving it down the road on the way to some little campground with the family all inside excited to spend the night away from home.


So, what's the worth of a 1970 VW camper van worth? A lot more than you'd think.

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