Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FanX-Perience Preserved In Pictures...


My friend's been bugging me about posting some of my Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 FanX photos. Truth be told, I didn't take a lot of pictures--I usually take a lot more at such an event, but my mission at the conference was a little different. I was trying to meet people, sound somewhat intelligent (which is another word for "qualified"...) on the panels and strengthen relationships. And besides, if I took a picture of every cool thing I saw over those three days, I wouldn't have had time to do anything else.

So, here are some photos! Thanks goes to Kenn Johnson for sending me the only photo of me at a panel (that I know of, anyway...). Thanks to Dave and Candice for the table space! And a HUGE thanks to Blake Cassleman for the invite. I had a fantastic time!


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