Wednesday, April 9, 2014


New places to work means new places to eat, or new places at which one finds food. Today I found a place, a place well visited especially on Wednesdays.

"Just so you know," a co-worker said to me yesterday, my second day at the new job site. "Tomorrow the taco carts across the street have a two-for-one deal."

The question that must be asked whenever anyone mentions "taco cart" is "Is it good?" Which translates to "Will it kill me?" Of course, I don't wish to offend because every time I've eaten at a taco cart, or other type of cart that distributes food, I've had good experiences, and I haven't died.

"Yes, it's good. But, the one directly across the street is the best. The one just south if good too, but I'd avoid the other one." I followed their recommendation, bought four tacos for two bucks from the best and as I left, there was a line almost a half a block long.

So, if you find yourself in downtown Ogden at lunchtime on a Wednesday, remember these things: Two-for-one, taco cart in the middle of the block is best. You're welcome!

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  1. I agree. I like that cart the best. They put up with my ordering in Spanglish!