Thursday, May 8, 2014

And So It Begins...Again

We gather tonight for the first time, a bunch of people drawn together, a sense of excitement, and a little nervousness in the air. Some people we know; some are strangers, all are new to this particular project. It is our first rehearsal.

We hear from the leaders, those who give more of their time to this grand adventure than anyone else. They go over the rules, the expectations, the vision. We sit listening, thinking of the time commitment, of the things we'll learn--dancing, hitting pitches, memorizing lines. Any questions?

We do a first read-through. Then, the first rehearsal is done, in the books. In two days we'll gather again, then assemble three days after that. The pattern will continue until suddenly, it's final dress rehearsal and we'll wonder at how fast the last two months flew. Once again, we'll be excited and nervous, but this time, we'll be among friends. Tonight, it begins...again.

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