Saturday, May 24, 2014

To Help A Friend...

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you could no longer financially support yourself or your family? Believe me, as I get older, I think about it more and more. Of course, it doesn't help that my work involves dealing with individuals facing major disabilities as well as nursing home care. 

Who would you turn to? Family, friends, strangers? My parents and grandparents are gone. I have in-laws who would help, and siblings. Still, even with the knowledge that there are people out there you could count on to help, it is a frightening thought.

A local writer is facing this very question. His name is Robison Wells. I met Robison for the first time last month at Comic Con, though I've known of him for years. I attended his book launch of years a few years ago (I blogged about it, too...) and I remember thinking, This guy's in such a great position! He'd just secured his first of a multi-book deal. He had worked hard to obtain a "regular job," even going to grad school. He'd gone through the ups and downs we all seem to experience and it looked like he was on his way up. Everything seemed to be coming up roses.

Then life happened.

Robison began to experience health problems, so much so, he was unable to write with any regularity. Being a writer as a family's main source of income is hard enough. Throw in health issues, and it's next to impossible.

That's where his friends stepped in. Writers attract other writers. You meet them at conferences and book signings. You "friend" and follow them on social media sites. You get to know them. Robison has some amazing friends. They assembled a book of short stories, donating their talents for one of their own.

They also started an Indegogo fundraiser (you can access the site: HERE) and tonight, they reached their goal. For a writer (or for anyone, really...) the perks were AMAZING! Oh, how I would have loved to buy a couple of those. I'm glad they reached their goal. It's something positive for one who's had a lot of negatives.

The book's titled Altered Perceptions and I'm really looking forward to reading it because I know the reason it exists is to help a friend.

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