Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rush...Timeless, And Simply Amazing!

I met an international best selling author and Rush fan at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX last month. I knew Kevin J. Anderson was a best selling author. I had no idea what music he liked.

Back in the day I used to listen to a lot of music. In fact, I even attended many, many rock concerts, back when I was younger and when concerns didn't cost a lot of money. I even found some of my concert tickets from some of the Rush concerts I attended 30 plus years ago.

Can you believe it used to only cost $10 or $12.50 to see live acts?

Yes, there was a time when this was true.

During the week I listen to something almost all day long. When I figured out how to download and play podcasts, I went a little crazy. And when I realized how much I could "read" by listening to audiobooks, I went crazy again. Basically for the past few years, I've only listened to audiobooks and podcasts.

But at Comic Con I attended a talk given by Kevin and he talked about how he became a best selling author. He explained how much the band Rush influenced him, so much so, he's now collaborating with Neil Peart on literary projects. 

How cool is that?

Answer--pretty cool!

Because I've got a goal to get a novel written by next September, I decided to put on the Best of Rush and do some writing.

Listening to that music transported me to my childhood when we'd put the albums on my mom's record player and listen to Rush in my mom's front room with my friends, the speakers my dad made blasting the poetry and sheer art that is Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.

Thanks Kevin for the suggestion!

Apparently, 30 years ago from this upcoming Wednesday was a Monday...


  1. Nice! I got you beat. My 1st Rush concert was Sept 1977 for $5 with UFO & Max Webster in SF. My next Rush concert will be # 24 for me!

    1. That's great! And to think they're still going strong after almost 50 years of rocking! It's incredible! Enjoy #24!

  2. Clockwork Angels - excellent album & novel

  3. AND - Neil is an EXCELLENT author himself. check out his books or his website: