Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rescued Memories...A Short Story


 Time For Another Short Story

This week's picture is interesting. I don't know if they've ever used a painting instead of a photograph for their picture. But that makes it more of a challenge. Here's the challenge--use the above picture and a few randomly-chosen words and write a short story. If you'd like to give it a shot yourself, just follow these official rules:

1) Use the photo and five randomly-chosen words in your story
2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.
3) You have until next Tuesday night to link up your post.
4) Add your story (Blue Link) at Leanne's, Debb's or Tena's websites.
5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow.

Here are your five words:


Let's have some fun!

Rescued Memories

"I can't believe you found this!" Marsha said to her little sister Natalie as the older sibling opened her birthday present. "I thought this was destroyed in the fire."

"Nope. Amazingly it was preserved."

"So, this survives and grandma's Tiffany lamps basically melted."

"That's right," Natalie said, laughing. "Of course, this has more value." Marsha shot Natalie a curious glance. "Sentimental value."

"Of course." Marsha lifted the hand-painted work of art away from the wrapping paper. Their mom painted it years ago--their mother a student from the art schools of early impressionist styles mixed with something out of Stephen King's The Shining. Marsha looked at the painting and allowed the memories to flood her mind. "Do you remember that day? You were I think, five-years old and I was seven."

"I remember those dresses that Aunt Betty made. Just look at them."

"I remember mom yelling at us." In her best imitating voice (which was pretty good...), Marsha said, "Don't stand so close to the river! Because if you fall in, I'm not coming in after you!" 

"There was no way I was going in that water, especially with my new Easter dress on," Marsha said. Except if it meant getting away from you, I would have jumped right in."

"What are you talking about?" Natalie asked surprised.

"Back then you used to drive me crazy! A shadow would be jealous of how close you had to stand next to me. It got to be a hazard. Remember that time I was walking backwards and sent you flying down the stairs like a circus clown?"

"Oh yeah," Natalie said lifting her arm. "And here's the scar I got from that little experience. Why were you walking backwards, anyway?"

"I was testing out an experiment."

"What experiment?"

"I thought the weather might change if I walked backward."

Natalie looked at her sister speechless. Finally, she said, "That doesn't make any sense."

"Not now, but when I was four it made sense. It had to do with time going forward and weather went forward, too, so if I walked backward, maybe the rain would stop and the sun would come out."

"You're nuttier than a ravioli in a Caesars Salad!" The sisters laughed at the phrase their mother used to say whenever either--or both--of them turned silly. After a moment they stopped and turned their attention back to the painting.

"I miss her, you know."

"Yeah, me too," Natalie said. "She was a great mom, but a pretty terrible painter."

They laughed again, and after more than a few tears fell Marsha said, "I can't believe you found this."

Word Count: 442


  1. I enjoyed the conversation of Marsha and her sister.

    I haven't been posting for the Blog Hop very long, and only my first time at hosting, so I'm not sure about the painting, either -- I guess I should have asked. All I know is, it's in the public domain, and I just adore it. :)

  2. Aw. This story made me laugh and then I got all verklempt. My favorite line: "You're nuttier than a ravioli in a Caesars Salad!" Well done, Scott. Love it!

    1. I thought that line was cute, too. But "verklempt" -- is that auf Deutsch?

  3. You done always Scott :-)
    Leanne is right about the "You're nuttier than a ravioli in a Caesar Salad," it's a wonderful line!

  4. Great story, lovely humour.