Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is Your Neighborhood Bicycle Shop...Loyal? Ours Is...

Walking home tonight I passed a loyal bicycle shop. How loyal was this particular shop?

It's actually in the name.

Situated between the downtown Mexican restaurant and a local barbershop (which I've written about both companies on this blog...) is a small shop that has, over the years, been the site of many different businesses. It's been a fast food joint, a flower shop, and an antique store, to name a few. You can "Like" their Facebook page: HERE.

Unfortunately, each of these businesses have not survived. But we're not dwelling on that here! Because this is a really cool place and I want it to survive!

Having a local bike shop is like having a local hardware store. Sometimes you just need some place  you can walk to to fix a bike. Sure, I could drive five or ten miles away to buy a tube to replace a flat or to replace a bike chain. Rejoice, oh ye people of Farmington! This is no longer the case!

For now there exists a place, a Loyal Cycle Company. Let's be loyal to them!

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