Saturday, May 17, 2014

Armed Forces Day, 2014...

I've written before about my dad and the service he and his family gave to defend our country. I've even included these pictures many times on this blog.

But today is Armed Forces Day, and if you think about it, I could justifiably write something every single day to honor our veterans and I wouldn't scratch the surface in repaying what they've done for me, my family and the entire country.

I believe all five brothers who served in WWII are no longer with us, and odds say the crew posing in front of their B-17 are also gone. I'll never have the opportunity in this life to speak with them, to hear the stories, to share the good times, or feel my heart ache as they talk of times not so good. It's history and it's vanishing before our eyes.

However, scores of men and women are leaving and returning today, and most of us hardly think of what they're doing. There's no longer a threat (we feel...) to our daily lives. This does not make what they do less significant. The fact that we can be together, can go to work, buy basically whatever we want, and live our lives "normally" is a testament to what they do.

It would be a different world if we had to go without, to live with blackouts and scrap drives and rubber drives and rationing as our ancestors did. If so, I believe a day like today, Armed Forces Day, would mean something completely different. It would be a more honest reality.

I've not answered the call as they have. All I can give is my thanks and respect. God bless, today and everyday, to all who serve.

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