Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Little Arboreal Experiment...

My wife does a lot of reading. She reads about a lot of things, raising kids, home storage, homeschooling, and occasionally, yard work.

It was during one of these occasional reading adventures that she came across a way to improve your yard in many ways--one of the biggest being the reduced need for water in, say, a garden. It involved placing large amounts of copped wood over areas of our yard.

Yesterday morning as we slept in we heard what sounded like large trucks driving up and down our street. It turned out to be a tree trimming service, Steve's Trees, to be more exact. My neighbor hired them to do some trimming.

We had discussed having a trimming service drop off their trimmings on our property a few times in the past--we even called a local company (not Steve...) to see if they would help us out. We never heard from them again. But Steve came through! He unloaded the chopped trees right on our driveway.

We spent the next hour and a half spreading the product on several areas of our yard. Will it work? Will the effects benefit our yard as was promised in the literature? Will our experiment yield positive results?

Time will tell.

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