Sunday, October 11, 2015

Faces Of The Frightmares Shows...

Ever since I began my autumn gig as a house manager at a Frightmares show at Lagoon Amusement Park, I have been blown away by several things. The talent of the performers is obvious. There's an excitement when the lights and the sound and the fog machine cranks up and they take the stage.

But one aspect of the production I love...

The make-up!

Under the lights at night, the make-up radiates. There are talented costumers, choreographers and make-up artists that all collaborate to pull off a first-rate product. Today I took out my good camera and tried to get shots of the beautiful faces of some of the performers. There are two shows at Frightmares, Hackenslash, a chainsaw-fueled song and dance show--their live band is very, very good! The second is the show that I house manage, Zombie Mambo

I apologize I didn't get everyone's. Maybe I'll have to break out the good camera again. I hope you enjoy seeing what I get to see each weekend, at least, until the end of the month.


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