Friday, October 23, 2015

The Dentist's Office...Not All That Dissimilar To The Judgement Bar Of God

I had my semi-annual dental check-up this morning. Maybe it was when I was in the waiting area, maybe it was when the x-rays were being developed--I don't know exactly when but during my visit a thought entered my mind...

Going to the dentist is kind of like the Final Judgement.

And NO--I had not been given any laughing gas, nor was I under any other chemical influences at the time.

I mean, I KNOW it's not exactly like that, but there are some similarities.

Those of us fortunate enough to be able to go to the dentist twice a year get our teeth checked. The dentist's office has our files--all the medical information concerning our teeth. When we go in for an appointment, our files are pulled and the hygienist sets up for the exam.

"How are your teeth doing?"

I could lie, but I don't. "Fine," I say. They really are doing pretty good.

"Are you brushing and flossing every day?"

I could lie here, too. But I'm sure that people who work with teeth for a living can tell if someone is lying, especially if they're really lying--flat-out, having not brushed their teeth in years, don't know how to even properly use floss, lying.

"Yeah, I say--every day." And it's true.

Then comes the judgement. When we die, we'll be judged. We can say that we did good things (brush, floss, etc...), but the evidence of whether we're telling the truth will be on display. We can't hide if we haven't brushed in days, months, years. We may also have had good intentions. "I really wanted to brush, know, things came up." Or, "I really wanted to help others, but you know how it is."

Nope! Not going to fly--whether you're in the chair or before the bar.

I thought about this as I sat and was checked. My teeth were fine--as verified by the dentist. I had been taking care of my teeth for six months and my reward is I do not need to visit the dentist for another half year. Clean bill of health, as far as the teeth are concerned. Those of us who believe in an afterlife and a judgement of our deeds and thoughts know we'll be judged. The evidence will be there; there'll be no hiding the facts. It will be too late.

Since it's Halloween, the dental office had a Harry Potter theme going on and this was the note for those of us finished with our appointments/judgements got to see. Personally, I loved it.

At least, for another six months...

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