Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Beyond The Wail" Reviews...Julie Barnson's "Go Gentle"

It's my second installment of Beyond The Wail: 12 Gave Stories of Love and Loss reviews. Today it's Julie Barnson's turn. She wrote the second story in the anthology, Go Gentile.

I met Julie years ago, but it was her husband that I spoke to back at the 2013 Salt City Steamfest. Jay and Julie and their family were all dressed up for the event and Jay and I began talking about publishing. He was a p/t writer I suggested he look into Xchyler Publishing.
He did and he got published. Then both he and his wife were published in Beyond the Wail. How cool is that?

Julie's story begins with a simple fact: Robbie West was dead. Thus we begin a tale of lost love, ghosts and a special musical instrument that allows anyone playing power over those who've passed beyond.

I liked the straightforward approach taken by Julie. She presents us with a situation, a girl loses her boyfriend. Yes, Robbie West died. This sets up a situation where the grieving girlfriend begins a quest to find out more. She's reminded of her grandfather who relays a story so unbelievable, she must find out if it's true. We are introduced to a violin, one with a history millennia old, an instrument she uses to find out what happened and to ease the pain of the dead.

Julie's story fits perfectly with the theme: stories of love and loss. It's a very quick read and if you're like me, you'll be intrigued by the violin and the way it operates. It's a fascinating literary device and Julie's made an already interesting item even more so.

This is the first story of Julie's I've read. I hope it's not the last.

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