Thursday, October 15, 2015

Danyelle Leafty's "The Fairy Godmother Series: The Complete Dilemma"...A Book Promotion

The Fairy Godmother Series: The Complete Dilemma (The Fairy Godmother Dilemma)*

I got a notice a little while ago about a story collection from Danyelle Leafty and I'd like to let you know about it.

I've only read one of Danyelle's stories, The Curious Leaf: An Adventure in Wishing. I blogged about it back in July, 2014. You can read my review of that story: HERE.

I remember that story. It was sweet and endearing. This collection includes six stories, or one big story broken up in six parts. I have absolutely no idea what these stories are about, but I do know Danyelle and her husband. They're good people and I'd love to see some help come their way via sales from her writings. Life is adventure and sometimes those adventures are more intense than other times. And when those times are a bit crazy, it's nice to get a little support.

Being a writer means leaving yourself open. And whenever you submit your creation to the world there's risk. It's scary when you trust, especially when you're trusting those you don't know. I have a lot of respect for someone who not only goes through the pain, occasional heartache, and unbelievable joy that comes from writing a book. Danyelle has written many stories and they're all available. So, if you're interested, check out this collection, and maybe some of her other books. You'll not only get some quality literature, but you'll be helping out a great family.

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