Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mmmmm...Sliders, But Better Fries!

I mean, it's Thursday--last work day of the week for me. And (more importantly...) it's Payday Thursday! Which means, I decided to take a short walk just before lunchtime and visit the food trucks that rally near the Wells Fargo building, downtown SLC every Thursday.

I'm as close to a food truck virgin as possible (I've only partook food truck cuisine once before...), so all those trucks, all those decisions confused me. I looked for a line (others with more experience know what's good), but not too long a line (I only have a few minutes to eat...) and I decided on Black's Sliders.

Should I get two sliders? I know they're small-ish, and I know I could easily eat two. No, I decided on one chicken slider and a side of fries.

I know that food bloggers make sure to include pictures of the food they're blogging about in their posts. But I'm not a food blogger (primarily...) and I was so hungry that when I returned to work to eat my delicious grilled chicken sandwich, I inhaled it before I could snap a picture.

If you're downtown SLC on Thursdays around noon-ish, stop by the state's tallest building and if you're in the mood for a good slider, give Black's a try. 

And I do know one thing now that I didn't know before. They had the BEST fries I've had in a LONG time! They were so good, I'm glad I didn't get the second sandwich. Good fries!

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  1. Since going gluten-free I have REALLY missed having the regular burger with the regular bread. I've had to get so disciplined, but cheers to good food!