Thursday, June 11, 2020

Because Of A Thought I Had In 2017...A Podcast Was Made In 2020

Life is funny, sometimes. I know, you only have to look at a news website or turn on cable news nowadays and things don't seem funny, but just the opposite.

Still, there are people out there making art and trying to make the world the best place possible--current events, be damned. One of these people is Jim Christian. Today, as I listened to his latest installment of his podcast, That Old Mouse Magic, I smiled.

I smiled because had a thought that came to me back in 2017 not happened, this particular podcast would most likely not have existed. And because of that, as I listened to the conversation unfold between the interviewer and interviewee, I smiled even more knowing I had a part to play.

In 2017 I was one of a number of Salt Lake Comic Con panelist submitting ideas to the powers that be to see if our ideas could be chosen for the convention. More importantly, I submitted panel ideas to see if I could attend another con as a panelist. Not every idea submitted gets chosen, so you have to "up your game" to get the attention of the programming director for each show.

I remember approaching that particular comic con with a new idea--I was going to pitch Disney topics (I think I pitched four or five for that show...). The reason I pitched so many is because I wanted the con patrons to experience the "Disney Force of Nature" that is Jim Christian. I corresponded with him and he expressed his interest in doing the panels so I pitched panel idea after panel idea. Thankfully, several of my ideas were chosen. The name of one of the panels: Why Do We Love All Things Disney?

When details of the panels were announced, I was chosen as the panel moderator. Other than Jim, I didn't personally know the other panelists, but one was a popular podcaster Holly Frey from the Stuff You Missed in. History Class podcast--one of my personal favorites. The panel came and went and it was a huge success (you can read my blog post form 2017 about the panel by clicking: HERE). I counted my self blessed to be included with so many amazing Disney junkies.

Fast forward almost three years. Jim has begun an incredible podcast of his own and he had as his guest for the latest episode Holly Frey. In their discussion they mentioned the comic com where they first met. They have since vacationed at Walt Disney World together and hearing about their experiences made my day.

Life is funny, sometimes. Sometimes we have no idea the repercussions of our actions--be they good or bad--but sometimes, like today, I saw a direct impact of one of my ideas and how people's lives were--not necessarily changed--but affected by a simple thought. Good job, Jim and Holly! Let me know if you want to do another Disney panel at our next con, and I'll pitch it. Who knows what'll happen? I'm sure it'll bring more smiles to my face, and maybe to others as well.

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