Thursday, April 21, 2011

God's Speed, Jeff D!

God's Speed Jeff D.

A few years ago I asked for and was granted a transfer to a new job at a new location. I had grown tired of working at the head office and wanted to see what it was like working "out in the field." When I moved, I met Jeff. Today was Jeff's last day working with us. He's moving on to bigger and better things at a new job starting tomorrow.

When Jeff and I worked together in the same office, I had my suspicions that he was a vampire. Now, I know that's a bit crazy because his skin is not shinny, and because--as far as I know--he has not, nor was he ever, been in a fight with a werwolf over a girl's affections. I admit my claim was based on rather thin evidence--Jeff didn't like direct sunlight. He always closed the blinds.

Jeff e-mailed a few of us yesterday announcing the news that he was moving on, taking a profit-generating position in the city. I'm happy for him--he's due for a break. The company where he's going is lucky to get him. Before he left, a few of us who worked with him when he was a vampire...ah, I mean, worked with him when he closed the blinds--posed with our friend for pictures.

Jeff, you'll be missed, but our loss is their gain. I wish you nothing but the very best in your new endeavors. Keep writing music, playing the guitar, and spreading those political views. You're almost always right. Until next time, God's speed.


  1. Thanks for the tribute Scott. That was very nice of you. Those pictures are good too (also a nice gesture). Scott is one of my favorites from DWS. There really aren't that many favorites--just a handful of people, who for whatever reason, strike me with good, radiant vibes.

    He's a genius and I love talking politics with him. We share similar political (i.e. conservative/libertarian) views. Also, he's a talented writer, actor, screenwriter, inventor, comedian, among other things.

    He's a good man and I'm proud to know him.

    Godspeed to you Scotty,

  2. Oh these pictures make me want to really drop about 60 lbs, get a haircut and shave. I look like a bum.

  3. I've always suspected Jeff was a painter who didn't wear his painter's beanie in public. I have suspected this because of his extensive wardrobe of black turtlenecks. ;)

  4. Good luck Jeff! I really hope I am on the list of favorites! hehe I think Jeff may be a painting vampire!

  5. thanks jenn. i'm down to 2 black turtlenecks now. who's stamkeve?

  6. Only two left?!?! Better get stocked back up!! Stamkeve is Kam! :)