Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Moth Wanted To Die

The Moth Wanted To Die

Due to our unpredictable (and beautiful...) weather we've experienced lately where we live, I mowed the lawn this afternoon and had to hurry to get ahead of...the snow.

Mowing the lawn is a singular event. It reminds me when I worked a graveyard shift and had to drive to work at midnight with hardly anyone else on the road. I had time to drive and think. When I mow the lawn, I mow and think.

Last year I remember a time when I mowed the lawn and while I mowed, a moth kept getting in my way. It didn't follow me, per se, but every time I mowed passed the moth, it seemed to jump up and land on a un-mowed section of the lawn right in front of the lawnmower. I thought, maybe it wants to die...

The thought sounded weird when I thought it and I dismissed it. But, on the next pass, the moth jumped again. It got so bad, I ended up not mowing the particular area where the moth landed thinking it would surely have moved by now. Nope... One time when I passed, I tried shoeing it away (with my shoe, even...how appropriate). It hoped, but only a short distance. However, there was one time when I passed the area and there was no moth.

Eventually, the entire lawn was mowed and I don't remember running over the little thing. I admit to you now that I may have ended the moth's life. If so, I wonder if the moth wanted to die. Maybe one day I'll find out.

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