Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Wisdom Of Instant Messaging, The Sequel...

My friend's been reading again in the Old Testament...so that means, another rant. The original Old Testament rant can be found here.

Steven (11:43:05 AM): i was reading genesis last night about abraham and sarah

Steven (11:43:15 AM): sarah gives abraham hagar to wife when she can't have any kids

Steven (11:43:21 AM): hagar gives abe a son

Steven (11:43:33 AM): then hagar and sarah have a falling out

Steven (11:43:42 AM): true to female genetics she blamed abraham

Steven (11:43:45 AM): my wrong be upon thee

Steven (11:43:59 AM): jacob wasnt the only one apparantly

Steven (11:44:25 AM): abraham's response is good too. he bucks responsibility cuz he doesnt want confrontation

Steven (11:44:30 AM): do with her as seems good to you

Steven (11:44:38 AM): so sarah beats abe's other wife

Steven (11:44:44 AM): she flees

Steven (11:44:55 AM): angel sez go back

Steven (11:44:59 AM): only to be run off again

Steven (11:45:02 AM): but this time for good

Steven (11:45:38 AM): other bits of humor i found

Steven (11:51:42 AM): sarah and abraham were both old but apparantly we have more then one instance when abraham tells sarah to say they are brother and sister so others wouldn't kill abraham to get sarah for themselves

Steven (11:51:58 AM): pharoph in egypt and a guy named abimelech

Steven (11:52:16 AM): back then, 90 was the new 30

Scott (11:53:24 AM): Do you have these thoughts every time you read the Old Testament?

Steven (12:45:10 PM): i dont get asked to answer to many questions in elders quorum

Steven (12:45:11 PM): why do you ask

Steven (12:45:35 PM): the bible is replete with humor you just have to know where to look for it

Scott (12:45:36 PM): It seems it would make the Old Testament even that much tougher to get through...

Steven (12:45:47 PM): meh

Steven (12:46:07 PM): its fun when the mind adds background depth to what's happening

Steven (12:46:18 PM): when the guy on the bed is let through the roof to be healed of the palsy

Steven (12:46:54 PM): if i was the guy who owned the house and had some strangers rip the roofing up i would be thinking it s a good thing that heysoos is a carpenter cuz theres a gaping hole the size of a bed in my roof...

Once again, the truth is perfectly clear. I'll post more Old (or New, or other books of scripture...) if and/or when they are sent to me by that incredible invention called Instant Messaging.

Bible photo used w/o permission from: http://fotoes.eu/image/cb2145b7/

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  1. I just read this part of the OT maybe two or three days ago. This just made me laugh, can't say I wasn't thinking along these same lines...