Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Knight Family

The Knight Family

I happened upon a box and in that box I found an envelope full of negatives. The negatives were of a size inconsistent with the feature on my scanner that allows for a negative to be scanned and reversed so a proper picture is produced. I did my best to pick out a few.

These are my grandparents, my mom's father and mother. The man was the only grandparent I ever knew. My father's parents died before he even met my mother.

This is the view of the Tetons from the Idaho side (the best side to see the peaks...) as seen from my mother's childhood home, the 100 Year Old House as mentioned here. In the entire Teton valley there's not a better view of the mountains than from the front door of my grandfather's house.

These are pictures of my mother, some I've never seen before. In one she's wearing heels, and in the other, she's holding a dog...these are things she rarely did, at least, that I can remember.

In the group of negatives, I also found a picture of my mom and her siblings, her older brothers Dean and Arlin. It's a great picture.

And I also found a newspaper article about a LDS conference in West Germany and my Uncle Arlin was photographed as attending. He's the third from the right.
These pictures look old, but I knew and know these people. There's not old to me, but then again, maybe what that really means is that I'm getting old... It was fun finding these pictures and bringing them to life.


  1. Wow, what a treasure to find. Congrats.
    Thanks for inviting me. I love it here.

  2. Come on in and make yourself at home! It's a daily blog, so there should always be something new. Thanks for the visit! (Now, if only you lived closer and could REALLY visit...) ;)