Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Orchard

A couple of decades ago, give or family bought some land. On the land was an orchard. There were two rows of apricot trees and two rows of cherry trees. The trees were mature and fruit-bearing when we built our house.

Our house is relatively new and we've been adding fruit trees over time. The first trees we planted have done well. The new trees are getting there. Between sessions and before the second blast of snow hit today, I went outside and took pictures of our little trees.

Our little apricot tree (popcorn really is poppin')

A cherry tree w/two of the three branches destroyed by deer (here's the CSI forensic evidence of deer at the crime scene...)

Our plum tree was much more vertical until I pruned it (don't you just hate reaching for those high-hanging plums?).

We've had these trees the longest, an apple and a nectarine tree planted years ago. They're good trees.

We got this little peach tree last year. The nursery where my son worked didn't want it (and for good reason--the main branch almost broke off).

We've got a couple of little apple trees and another cherry tree. There's only a few fruit trees left from the original orchard my parents bought. The only apricot tree still bears fruit. It's a tree we used to climb as kids. Hopefully the snow didn't kill this year's crop.

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