Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Night of Snow, Singing, Arctic Birds, and a Little Mime...

Just your basic Thursday evening...

A few days I got a call from our neighbor Carolee who is in charge of our stake's Easter program. We are lucky enough to have her available for some amazing musical productions. Carolee was in a near panic--one of her groups was not going to sing for the show that takes place this weekend. We planned and thought of alternatives for the musical number. We decided to rehearse tonight.

The time came and I left the house (I have probably not included this piece of trivia, but a seldom-used nickname for our house is The Cottage), so I left The Cottage and took some pictures of Snow Falling on Non-Cedars...

We were welcomed--literally--by penguins. Carolee has been involved in music for many, many years. When they moved into the neighborhood they remodeled the house and put in a beautiful music room, complete with two grand pianos.

We rehearsed and I came home. I know this is a bad picture, but this is how The Cottage looks tonight wrapped in a blanket of snow.

Once inside, my son wanted to show off his newly acquired talent. The visuals speak for themselves....Oh, and that's Brian Regan pontificating in the background.

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