Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uncle Sam @ The Expo!

I find myself bloging more about my part-time job than I do my full-time job. My part-time job is more fun...

Today the Davis County Chamber of Commerce held an expo and Knox Capital Group/Bob Aamodt, Inc. participated.

A few weeks ago we had a meeting to discuss some strategy. What did we want to do? The result of the meeting was to hire an actor to be Uncle Sam. We bought a boat-load of Payday candy bars, a cutting board and a cleaver (actually, we borrowed the cleaver from my in-laws since neither Smiths nor Target sells a proper cleaver, thank you very much...) for the expo.

Oh, we also borrowed a toilet. Why the toilet? Good question. You see, we hired Uncle Sam to take a Payday candy bar and cleave it 60/40. Then Uncle Sam would take the 40% of the candy bar and toss it into the toilet, representing....well, you know.

And Knox Capital Group/Bob Aamodt, Inc. can help you keep more of that 40%--keeping it from landing in the Government Repository. So it makes sense to go to Bob (longer hair...) and Eddie (shorter hair...) for all your financial needs. They can handle Uncle Sam.

After working 10 hours at job #1 I headed across the freeway and checked out the display. I think it looked pretty good.

Was the expo a success? I guess we'll see...

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