Monday, June 6, 2011

6-6-11 In Pictures (and a video...)

It was another day where I took my little camera with me all day. Looking back on the day, I thought there were some interesting pictures taken.

This is a field for sale by where I work. You too can buy the lot complete with a strange ark-shaped building currently being used as a church.

After work I came home through a wind storm with very little rain. This is what my car looks like when it rains only enough to get the dirt out of the air--it all ended up on my (and everybody else's...) car. The flash pictures make it look worse than a non-flash picture.

I before I stopped by my son's karate lesson, I had to pick up journal refill pages at the mall. Driving away I couldn't not take a few pictures of their huge flag spread out because of the high winds.

And, I just had to take pictures of my son picking on a shorter, younger opponent.

The same son (before the karate lesson...) made homemade chocolate pudding. It was very, very good.

And, of course, a day of pictures is not complete without sunset photos. If you look carefully, in some you can see the Rocket ride at Lagoon in operation.

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