Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Friday; A Good Day...

A Friday; A Good Day...

The day begins at home, through the front door, past the living room, down the hall, and into the master bedroom where occupants weigh the need for sleep verses the pull of responsibility. As always, responsibility wins.

Awake, prepared, showered (not shaved…), a gut full of breakfast and out the door to a second job—the only monetarily paid job of the day. The boss is gone, but the mice still work to achieve the company goals and fulfill as best they can the mission statement—to best help people using talents given by God. Discussions had, friendships strengthened, progress made (internet still painfully slow at job #2…).

Home after the normal lunch hour and time for another job, one awarding no immediate payment, but work offering, perhaps, greater satisfaction. With great zeal the entire family works together to get the job done as quickly as possible. The hard work pays off and the kids joyously, gratefully run into the front door and into the living room, dreams of compensation dance in their sun-kissed faces. They leave the gardening tools and forgotten water bottles for the parents to gather and store (in their proper place, of course…).



The family divides, the girls investigate a new gym, the boys purchase the item used to persuade, coax, (bribe…) the children into fulfilling their end of the bargain and pull the literally thousands of weeds. Good news, the blasted thing is on sale.

With children at home and fed, the tired parents venture out for food, preferably good, preferably cheap—sometimes…an impossibility to find both. The need for gastronomic satisfaction verses the need to pay bills. As usual, gastronomic satisfaction wins.

We enter the restaurant and are greeted by a giant fish swimming in an aquarium. It, along with a few other less spectacular specimens, is the only living animal (animal intended to be eaten) in the place.

The food tastes great. Satiated, we await the bill. Our decision to eat at this restaurant is confirmed, after all, there’s always plenty of beans and rice to eat later. Friends and acquaintances enter and are seated next to our humble table. Introductions made, new things learned, jokes said over the hum and din of others dining.

(they seem a bit redundant to me...)

Home, some TV shows of little consequence, and then to bed. The full Friday ends where it all began, through the front door, past the living room, down the hall, and into the master bedroom—where it always ends and always begins again the next day.

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