Friday, June 10, 2011

Ray Ban Wayfarers...Timeless

Twenty (plus...) years ago, me and all my friends owned and donned Ray Bans, but not just any random Ray Ban style...they had to be Wayfarers. This pristine pair (made in Italy) belongs to my friend and boss, Bob. They're absolutely beautiful!

And to prove just how cool the sunglasses were or how cool we looked in them, I cracked open my graduating year yearbook and found some pictures of us looking cool (of course, the level of "coolness" depends on many factors--personal taste, being one of them...). Here is Bob wearing a long-gone pair of classic Wayfarers back in the day.

And since all the cool athletes ran track and cross country, we wore our righteous shades to obtain high school immortality for the all-important yearbook team pictures.

Track Team Front Row (L-R) wearing the Bans: Yours Truly, Clif, Bob, And Dan, Sean, Jimmy, and Matt were Ray Ban-free...

This is the cross country team...I guess I was the only one who remembered to bring my sunglasses for picture day...oh well...

Bob allowed me to take some pictures of his latest pair of sunglasses for my "Pick Of The Day" and I couldn't resist...I just had to done them once again. It's been so long since I've been cool.

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  1. Scotty, you are cool every day. And all the other cool kids think so, too. They told me. Maybe not quite as cool as Young Bob, but very cool none-the-less.