Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Kind-Hearted Story...

Tonight, our youngest son had a problem. We heard the tears from our bedroom below theirs. The problem? Our oldest son was trying to flip a bug and he ended up killing it.

The tears came when the youngest son thought his oldest sibling should have either put him on his hand and put the bug outside, or put the bug on a piece of paper and put the bug outside...outside would have allowed the bug to live.

My wife and I sat, listened--both suppressing smiles--and patiently waited as the sobs brought the already allergy-affected nose to run a little more. We asked our son if he knew that there was a heaven for bugs. He nodded. We said there was a dog heaven and a cat heaven, and even heavens for bugs. He gave me a hug, turned and went upstairs. The upstairs has remained sob-free ever since. Sometimes, being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world...

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