Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bee Kind, Bee Happy

Bee Kind, Bee Happy

The bee glided through the thick summer air and came to rest at the side of a creek full from the summer runoff. It landed silently, the cool mud supporting the almost weightless insect.

Soon other bees joined and each insect slowly walked atop the wet grains of sand. We watched the bees descend and rest themselves by the water. They did not see us. To the bees, we were only shapes that move. We did not interfere with their mission, their goal, their life. For a bee, you see, is both kind and happy.

Bees are incredible workers, and their impact on our lives is unknown to them. They are kind for they give their very lives for others. They transport pollen from plant to plant which allows food to grow—some of the best tasting food we have we have only because of bees. Without the kindness of bees, many of our plants would die.

Bees (I believe…) are happy. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure if a bee is happy, but I think they are. If you see a bee flying by, let it fly. It doesn’t want to hurt you; it wants to get back to work, helping us and helping its family.

We watched the bees—being careful not to disturb them. When they were done resting on the side of the creek, they flew away, ready to resume their jobs. A bee is a miracle creature. A bee is a beautiful thing to watch. A bee is both kind and happy. A bee is an eyelash of God.

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