Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harry & Blaine

Dad & Dad-In-Law

When I think about my father and father-in-law, it's amazing that I've known my father-in-law over two times as long than I knew my own father. And, considering the first couple years of my life I really didn't comprehend what a dad was, this statement has more of an impact. I know Blaine better than I know Harry.

I consider myself very lucky. I married into a great family. There are, of course, the famous mother-in-law jokes, and not so many father-in-law jokes, but the message is clear--sons-in-law should have a hard time getting along with parents-in-laws.

Not me. For the past 19 years I've had what I consider a great relationship with my in-laws. Tonight we celebrated Father's Day with my wife's parents and had a good time. I'm so grateful for their encouragement, their support, and their love.

Harry & Blaine...they never met, but I think they'd have been great friends.

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  1. A very sweet post. I'll bet your in-laws will love reading this.