Friday, June 24, 2011

Sage & Roses & Finger...

Let's look at this photograph. There's the obvious imperfection of the finger protruding into the shot. But look at the plants. I've mentioned it before--these two plants are playing a joke on us.

For me (and I suppose, for everyone else...) planting a plant is a crapshoot--you never know if your plant is going to survive, or what it does as it grows. We were late getting started on yard work this year thanks to the wet and cold spring (which we loved, by the way...). Before we started in the yard this year, my wife and I discussed some of the changes we wanted to see.

Two pine trees needed to be moved. We then turned our attention to a sagebrush plant and a rose bush.

Once, years ago, my cousin visited us when we lived at my mom's house. He told me he wanted a sagebrush plant in his yard. He said he loved the way the plants looked. Personally, I had never thought them to be visually pleasing, but he was right. They're actually pretty cool. If you look closely, you can see the sagebrush plant now quite big just right of the front door at his house (which is also the 100 Year house, blog post on it: Here).

So we found one a few years back and planted the small sagebrush in front of the pine trees. Since our plant had grown as well, we wondered if we should move it because it might interfere with the rose bush. "No," my wife said. "That rose bush hardly ever blooms." I think the bush took that personally because in the last week the rose bush has exploded.

Maybe we'll just leave them be. They seem to be happy

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