Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Am I Really A Narcisist?

I read a post on Facebook today about blogs. The author of the post said that he doesn't read blogs where there's no content. He doesn't feel cute things your cat did or what you had for breakfast is content. "Give me content, or give me death," is his cry.

It's also his opinion that a majority (a LARGE majority...) of the blogs he's seen are exercises in narcissism. I think I need to state that when I read his thoughts, I was not offended in any way. In fact, I think he's got a valid point. If a blog doesn't have information that you feel is important to you, it's probably not worth your time to read it, or even worse, follow it and read it on numerous occasions. 

The reason I didn't take offense to his comments is because I believe everyone who blogs does so for reasons that are as unique as the writers themselves. I write for several reasons, but the main reason I write my blog and include a post every day is because my foremost goal with this blog is to write something everyday in order to improve my writing, my creativity, and to a small extent, my photography skills.

I know there are endless articles and YouTube videos giving tips on how to improve the traffic on your blog. Be specific--blogs are more successful if you stick to a main theme. Follow other blogs and comment on them--this will increase your blog footprint and draw people to your site. It goes on and on.

I realized early on that I'm not going to break any records with my little blog. As I mentioned, I write it to improve my skills and to chronicle things that happen to myself and my family. I guess you could say that this is narcissistic and if so, I'm okay with that. I've said all along that I hope those who come by my humble blog don't ever feel they've wasted their time, and if I in some tiny way, make them feel better, that's a bonus. So I know I'll probably write about something cute one of my cats did or what I had for breakfast in the future. I just hope not to do it too much...


  1. I've only recently 'found' your blog due to the A-Z and so far have found your posts and photos interesting. So please keep up the good work.

  2. My blog is basically for family and friends, and myself (instead of a scrapbook/journal), I certainly don't care about traffic to it ... it's all about cute things the kids did (I don't have a cat).