Friday, May 3, 2013

Flash 500 Is Coming!

I received word today that sometime in the near future a free e-book called Flash 500 will be available for you to download. This is what the front page will look like. If you've followed my blog you may have noticed I write a short story about once a week that consists of 500 or less words, five randomly-chosen words and a photo. The trick is to create a short story worth reading.

I've been writing these stories for almost a year and have had a lot of fun doing it. The gals who began the blog writing exercise (where we submit our stories...) decided to compile some of the stories we wrote into a book and they were kind enough to include a couple of my stories. And, perhaps the best news, they included a story written by my 14-year old son. He's going to be a published author at 14!

They're putting the finishing touches on the book now. I'll update this blog with more details as they are available. It's been a good month... ;)

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