Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Holding The Book In My Hands...

I don't know this for sure, but I've talked to enough authors to think this is the case. And that is that every author thinks about the time when they'll go into a bookstore and see the book they wrote sitting on a shelf, waiting to be bought.


Or the feeling they get when they open a new book and with a Sharpie autograph a crisp, never before opened page and with a smile ask the owner, "and who should I make this out to?" Or wonder what its like actually holding an item of publication in their hands and their name is printed on the cover. Well, yesterday I was able to do one of those things.

I bought the e-book and I plan on purchasing the physical article at some point in the future so I had not actually held the book in my hands, but my co-worker bought it from Amazon and brought it in for me to see. I just had to take a few pictures, you know, to preserve the moment. My favorite picture is the one where it looks like lights are emanating from inside the book, lighting up my face and bringing hope to all the world. Well, that's what it looks like to me, anyway...


  1. Fantastic!!! By the way, I just saw your profile and my cat, who was born in my house 8 years ago on my mom's birthday - is named Edwin. Sometimes called Stupid Idiot or even Baron (remember that Siamese you had to move on from a house once? that was his name).

  2. Congratulations for this. I can't wait for the day I hold something in my hands with my published name on it.

  3. Really awesome! There's nothing quite like that feeling. :)