Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthdays To Friends And Families...

I am on Facebook--it's no secret--and when you get over 350 or so Facebook friends, there's an opportunity to receive notifications of friend's birthdays everyday. Such is the case with me.

And on many days, I have multiple Facebook friends that share a birthday. I think today is an example of the most notifications I've received for one day...four birthdays.

Two of these people I didn't know six months ago. I met them both in plays I did over the winter. The other two, I've known (or been known by them...) all my life. They're my first cousins and they're both older than me.

Facebook is many things. Some love it; some hate it. For me, I'm glad it reminds me that these wonderful people were born on the same day. Happy birthday to Matt, Whitney, Brent, and JoEllyn! May the coming year be filled with love of family and friends, great health, and joy beyond measure. And I hope also to be able to tell you this all over again in one year's time. Take care.

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  1. There's no excuse now with FB to forget to wish people Happy Birthday!