Sunday, May 19, 2013

But Which Pic Of The Day?

Every day since early 2011 I've taken and chosen one photograph as my Pic Of The Day. Some are interesting, but most aren't memorable. In all that time, rarely have I had to actually choose between two (or sometimes, more...) photographs I've wanted to use for that one picture.


But today, I found two pictures that I considered as my Pic Of The Day. They're not fantastic shots, but I liked them both. I went back and forth as to which one I wanted to use--I ended up using more time on the decision that I should have.

Ultimately, I picked the shot of the Main Street that runs through our little town, even though I liked the shot of the church benches.

Of course, had I waited an hour I could have picked the shot of the sunset setting over the local amusement park. Then again, I've used a lot of sunset pictures in the past. Hopefully tomorrow my daily picture will be easier to choose.

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