Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Brady Bunch, A New Appreciation...*

 The other day we came across a channel playing The Brady Bunch episodes. "What's that?" asked more than one of our children.

"It's The Brady Bunch," we told them. It was unlike any show they had ever seen, and to be honest, few shows--if any--have ever been on TV like it. We ended up not only telling them more about the show, but about how "when we were their age..." (we sounded like parents when we said that...) TV was quite different. 

We told them that back then there were really only three channels--three! (I guess public television didn't count) We told them that when school was out we would come home and turn on The Brady Bunch. And we watched it, every episode, over and over again. There was no cable, no satellite TV, no VCR's or DVR's or TIVO's. You missed the show--you missed it...end of story.

The kids watched the Brady's for a little while, noticed the pastel colors, the astroturf, and the hair and thought it silly. They returned to a different room where the latest in digital entertainment flashed before their entertainment-starved eyes.

We, however, continued to watch and have watched several episodes since. Funny, whenever its on, we see our kids stopping whatever they're doing and watching The Brady Bunch. Maybe parents and children are not so different after all...

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