Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Trek, Nerds, Friends, A Lot Of Fun...

Last week I wrote about new movies coming out this summer that I'd like to see. In that post I said I'd probably not see the new Star Trek film and wait for it to come out on Redbox. Turns out, I didn't do that. Last night my wife and I joined several friends and we saw the film.

I knew that some of my friends were dressing up for the event. I lack the proper attire to join in so we dressed as civilians. An invitation went out on Facebook last week for all who wanted to join us, but they said we'd be on our own for costumes. One person responded: "The question is, do you already have these costumes in your closet?"

And my friend answered: "um, yes . . ."

When my wife heard that others were dressing up, she asked (a little concerned...), "Do we have to dress up, too?" I assured her, we didn't. Though, I think it would have been cool to dress up as Scottie.  

Oh, and the movie was pretty great, too. 

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