Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Utah Man Is He And They'll Be Missed...

The first time I ever saw Lance, he was part of a football team. I saw him back in 1988 when the University of Utah football team put the hurt on the cougars of BYU in a big, BIG way. It was a glorious game and I was there watching in the stands. Lance played on the Utah team. Great game.

Flash forward almost 20 years. Lance and his family moved into our neighborhood. Over the past six years he and I have discussed that game several times as well as other conversations we've had. But since change is the only constant, Lance and his family are moving. Tonight my son and I helped load a couple of things from the house into the moving van.

We'll all miss the family. They're great people. Since we have kids of similar ages, Lance and I had some good times together, at church functions, on scout camps, and at Christmas parties. 

We couldn't stop them from moving, but I know a new neighborhood south of us will have some wonderful people move in. Take care and God bless.

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