Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad's Family--And Then There Were Two...

I have a cousin currently living as a missionary with his wife in Africa. He's a few years older than me, but we've been able to keep in touch thanks to Facebook. He has commented several times on many of my blog posts and Facebook posts, especially when I discuss my parents who are no longer with us.

So, it surprised me when a few days ago, he sent me a picture, a picture of his dad Jack, and my dad Harry, and their brother Tom. It was such a nice surprise to receive it. I was talking to another of my dad's brothers at my nephew's wedding a few weeks ago. He told me that of the 12 siblings in my father's family, there were only two left. Two.

I've absolutely LOVED all the Facebook posts today, Father's Day. I've loved seeing my younger friends post pictures of them with their dads. And I've loved seeing the pictures of friends my age or older who posted pictures of their dads when they were younger.

I've thought about my dad a lot this holiday. My son and I talked as we watched meat cook on the BBQ how my dad would have loved to be alive right now. All these tech-y things would blow his mind. He would have loved them.

Now there's two of the original 12. My uncle, the baby of the family, told me when we had some time together a week before last that he really missed my dad. He said he was a great brother and friend. I told him that we're all going to have a wonderful time when we're together again, but we can wait--don't want to be reuniting too soon...

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