Friday, June 28, 2013

The Miracle That Is Lego...

I saw my son playing with Legos today. Did I join in on the fun with him? Did I curse the Danes that invented arguably one of the best toys ever developed by man as I walked over the Legos in my bare feet? Or did I look upon his activity as a childish exercise and leave him to his fun? No, I grabbed my camera and asked him to tell me about his creation.

I have written about Legos several times before. Growing up we didn't have a lot of Legos in our house--kind of pricy, if you know what I mean. But since I lived in Denmark for a couple of years I kind of fell in love with the small plastic toys.


I think Legos are simply amazing. They demand creativity if you give them a chance. Even though the more recent Lego sets require less of an imagination to create amazing things, the basic blocks are still there. My son made a boat and on the boat ninjas battled (or, by judging from the photographs, presented each other for Lego sacrifices...).

We don't buy as many Legos now as we used to, mostly because if the kids want more they need to buy them from their own earnings (not counting birthdays and other special occasions...). 

But I have to admit, when we walk down the Lego aisle at the store and I see those cool sets, if I had the means, I'd be buying them all. I hope my kids never outgrow that feeling. I know I haven't.

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