Friday, June 21, 2013

Watching "Annie" For The First Time...

We don't see as many shows as we should. We really should get out and see more plays, especially when we know people performing in the shows. When one of my daughter's best friends landed one of the lead roles in a local production of Annie, we knew we had to go.

Of course, we chose the last night in which her friend played the leading role. We pull up to the Draper Historic Theatre an hour and 45 minutes early (we didn't know how long it would take getting to the other end of the valley during rush hour...) and we hear the show was sold out. Bummer.

But, those in the know doubted we'd be denied seeing the show. They were right. The theater (or theatre...) is old, quaint, loaded with character. We chose our seats and the show began. The orphans charmed us from the beginning, and then my daughter's friend Bridgette sang. Man, can that girl sing! Being involved in theater productions for over 30 years, I've known some great voices. She's one of them.

The boys in our family went to see Monster's University. The rest of the family drove to Draper and saw a wonderful production of Annie. As we drove home, I realized that this was the first time I ever saw the iconic musical. I think I picked a fun and entertaining one to see. Well done everyone!


  1. I was in Annie with your wife many years ago ...

    1. Sitting by her while watching the play was fun! You could tell there were lots of memories going through her head.