Saturday, June 22, 2013

When I Was A Kid And Photos...

Man, I LOVE digital photography! Tonight I took so many pictures of the daisies that are growing in our front yard and I could have taken scores more. The cost? Some storage space and electricity. That's all.

As I get older I find myself thinking more and more about my dad. I thought about him as I took these pictures. And what do photographs of flowers have to do with my dad? Good question. My dad loved photography and I wonder what he would think of a camera with more technology in it than existed in the first moon lander, a camera that's available to anyone. He would have LOVED it!

Growing up adults would say to us kids that we lived in amazing times because when they were our age, they didn't have televisions or portable radios/cassette players, or other "modern" gadgets. When my mom was a child she remembers when the family got indoor plumbing and electricity to their home. Televisions and radios were the stuff of science fiction to them back then.

I never thought I'd be one of those people who could possibly say that things were so different when I was a child, but I definitely can. When I was a child we only had three TV channels, and I watched them on a television that my father built (told you he loved gadgets...). 

When I was a kid, once a movie left the movie theater, there was no way to see it again until it made its way to one of the three before-mentioned TV channels--no VCRs, no DVRs, nothing.

When I was a kid gas cost less than a dollar a gallon and I think it was even close to 50¢ a gallon.

And when I was a kid, we took photos using film, film that needed to be developed and you just prayed the pictures turned out. My, how times have changed...


  1. It is amazing how quickly technology has changed things in the last couple of generations. We are so lucky to be able to take pictures and discard immediately the ones that didn't turn out properly.

    1. Sally, I totally agree! To consider the cost of the pictures I took last year if I used film is staggering!