Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Couple Of Fun Pictures From The Weekend...

I spent Friday and Saturday in Moab chronicling my friend's race. I was there to take pictures and shoot video for him. I had a blast--even the unseasonable heat did not ruin the experience for me and the family.

I took many pictures and I chose two for this post because they're a couple of my favorites, but for different reasons. The first one I absolutely love. I was standing guard over the medals and other swag when this kid stood up on the top podium and posed for his family. I snapped the picture not really knowing if I caught anything and when I downloaded the photo, I really liked it.

The next picture may not look like one I would like. The runner's entire head is out of focus. It's not placed well in the shot, but I like it because it shows what I learned on my trip. I'm still learning the camera, something I believe photographers know can take years to do. I had bikers and runners fly by me while I was trying desperately to get close up shots of their faces. Some worked out--others didn't I have several pictures just like this one.

The picture does show some of the incredible scenery that can be found in Moab. It's like no other place on earth. Hopefully I can us the knowledge I gained at this race and improve my skills as a photo taker. Time will tell.

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