Monday, June 3, 2013

Ever Play Killer Uno?

My kids, probably like most kids, love games. Card games, board games, video games, even game shows--it doesn't matter. Set up a game and my kids will play. Tonight my wife and I introduced our kids to Killer Uno.

We call it Killer Uno. You might call it something else. It's your basic Uno game with a few twists. Killer Uno was something my friends and I played for hours upon hours back when I was in college (I sound so old when I write that--back when I was in college...). 


It's true. We would have Killer Uno tournaments. In college I sang with a college choir and we were lucky enough to go on several choir tours. And instead of getting wasted and doing other things we would regret, we played Killer Uno. We played and we played and we played.

My kids are competitive. I should introduce them to my friend and college buddy Bob and play a Killer Uno tournament with him. Let's just say, it would improve their game-playing skills immensely.


  1. I love playing Uno but my husband always wins! He also wins at backgammon, in fact most games he wins! 'Snot fair!

  2. Wish your kids knew my grandkids. Their two favorite games are Uno and Sorry and they never get tired of playing them ... ever (but unfortunately I do).

  3. Your wife posted about KillerUno on Facebook. We used to play "Sneak"Uno ... and it could get violent. Are you (or she, I asked on FB too) going to explain this version?