Thursday, April 20, 2017

And Then Someone At Work Springs For A Pizza Lunch...

As far as my work week goes, Thursdays are my favorite. When the unheard bell rings releasing me from my cubicle commitment, I'm done for the week, having done my forty. Maybe it was because on Thursdays I tend to think of other things, of what I need to get done during the upcoming weekend. Maybe it was me thinking about staying up late (possibly doing some writing...) and sleeping in tomorrow morning. 

But I wasn't thinking about doing something nice for someone else.

This morning, my co-worker Renee asked us all what type of doughnut we all wanted. She was going on a doughnut run. A few minutes later she asked us all what type of pizza everyone wanted. I guess treats changed to lunch. About an hour later our little group of eight were enjoying delicious Dominos pizza.

Why don't I ever think about treating my department to lunch? Of course, there's a financial cost to treating everyone for lunch. In the past (and currently...), that's always been my excuse for not doing something like this. But what crossed my mind today was that I never consider buying everyone pizzas. 

I think we all know people who seem to always be looking for opportunities to serve, and if you know someone like that, I'll bet they're always happy. Serving doesn't necessarily mean buying stuff. Serving can be as simple as a smile, or a kind word. Watching my co-worker buy us all lunch today reminded me of what more I can do. So, is that worth the price of five Dominos pizzas and a couple of bottles of pop?

Maybe so.

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