Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cool Spring Shower...

When you live in a desert, rain can prove more than a distraction. It can fascinate, entertain, even comfort. And when thunder and lightning join in, it's a show, a show worthy of a few pictures, a blog post, even an accompanying video.

We received the EBS warning, high winds, hail, get to the basement message--it interrupted a delightful showing of Pete's Dragon (first time we'd seen it...). But at the time of today's warning, we had blue skies overhead, even though we were supposedly in the path of the storm. We got our show an hour later.

I know during electrical storms you're supposed to stay away from windows and doors, but it's so tempting to throw open a window and smell that air, unique to storms, air that's somehow cleansed and smells sweet. And when thunder booms off the mountains, it reminds you that we're yet another living thing calling this planet home.

We don't get them every day, sometimes going months without a storm. I know many who hate the rain, want sun 234/7--not us. We opened the front door allowing a wet cat to run from underneath my car and into the house and allowed the storm's influence to wash over us, cleaning us, too.

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