Friday, April 14, 2017

Pop Goes The Calf Muscle...

For all my fifty-one years (except when I was an infant and I couldn't walk, of course...), I've been able to run. I wasn't the best runner, by any means, but I wasn't the worst. Running to me has been as natural as talking. So, when I had some tightness in my calf muscle lately, I took it easy at the gym this week. No running, just walking, inclined walking, and a little elliptical action. The good news was after going slow, the calf felt better.

That was, until I began crossing a busy road this afternoon and something popped. That something was my right leg calf muscle. I almost thought someone hit my leg with a pipe or something. It was the strangest thing. I made it safely across the street, but I was in no way walking normally. I was reduced to hopping.

My wife suggested I go to the local InstaCare. After I told her my symptoms, it reminded her of when she felt the same way and it took her six months to fully recover. Yes, getting it checked out by a professional sounded like a good idea.

The diagnosis: a strained muscle. The physician said it could have been worse, and she counseled me on what to do if it got worse. I came home and elevated my leg and thought about the day that was. I began it at the gym. I'm ending it with a wrapped and elevated leg. And any running will have to wait.

I know people who have battled physical issues their entires lives. Fortunately, I've been blessed to avoid major health problems. But, as I age, enjoying good health is something I hope to appreciate, and not take for granted as I've done so much in the past.

Time will tell how the recovery goes. Thankfully, I have a loving supportive family. I'm not scheduled for any writing conferences in the next month or so. And my job requires I basically sit at my desk all day. So, even with a strained calf muscle, I'm very lucky.

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