Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trying To Get A Simple Picture...Of Our Dog

Four days ago, I needed to post a picture for my Pic Of The Day. Since I hurt my calf muscle last week, I haven't done a lot of walking, and when I don't do a lot of walking, I don't find interesting things to photograph on those walks. And when that happens, I try to find something around the house to photograph.

Where's the dog?

Four days ago our dog got her hair cut. I thought I'd get a cute picture of the pup and post it. I take pictures all the times of our two cats. The difference between our cats and our dog is the cats many times just sit around being very photogenic. 

The dog, however, well...she has other plans. 

I tried again and again to get her picture, but every time she was looking at me and looking very cute, she'd turn away. I have proof. The iPhone has an interesting little feature. When you take a picture, it records a mini-video lasting maybe a second. The image you see when the video ends is what you're stuck with. I took a video of my iPhone pictures and you can see, the dog would not cooperate at all.

The most frustrating part wasn't that the dog kept looking away as soon as I pointed my camera at her. The most frustrating part was once she turned away from me, she would look at my son (engaged in a little video game playing...) and just stare at him. She'd stare at him for like ten seconds at a time. I'd call her name, she'd look at me for a split second, then turn and stare at something else, anything but my phone.

I've learned, with photography, patience is a valuable commodity. It took several tries, but eventually I got a picture that was good enough (i.e. in focus...) to use as my Pic Of The Day. As Pics Of The Day goes, I got a lot of feedback on my dog picture. People love pictures of dogs and cats.

Right now, as I type this, one of our cats is just staring at me. If the light were better, I could use either my phone or my Nikon and snap off several pictures of her--she wouldn't care at all, but if I tried photographing the dog, Heaven help me to get a good shot. Just one more difference between cats and dogs.

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