Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fyrecon...What Are You Doing This June?

This summer, those in the Intermountain West will have the opportunity to attend a convention, something new, something exciting. This thing's got the potential to be epic. Introducing 

Fyrecon, Writing and Art Conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy

Each convention I've attended (and it hasn't been that many...) has been established. They've been around for years and the have the advantage of knowing what happened at their events the year before which helps them prepare for the one ahead. With Fyrecon, since it's the convention's first year, there's a big unknown.

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And I'd be worried about that if it weren't for the people organizing it and the people attending. The line-up for this event is first-rate. There will be New York Times Bestselling authors, editors, as well as incredibly talented artists, and experts on many different subjects.

From the presenters I know personally, I can tell you they love interacting with the public, answering questions about the craft, and offering advise whenever they can. I foresee this convention offering attendees an excellent chance to really interact with both the presenters and other convention-goers.

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You can get all the information: HERE including class schedules, a list of presenters, times, and costs with updates being added as new developments arise. If you're in the Intermountain West this June, I'll bet Fyrecon will be something you'll never forget!

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